MediaStorm is an award-winning film production and interactive design studio known for its in-depth reporting and meaningful subject matter.

Role: UX Designer & Developer 
Objective: How might we make our CMS more efficient and usable?
Platform: Web

In 2012, the MediaStorm Storytelling Platform was made available for licensing, bringing the team’s vision of packing content and reaching audiences to clients. The goal was to restructure the workflow of the CMS to increase efficiency and usability. After talking with producers and key stakeholders, I took a critical look at how stories are built within the Platform. After a few iterations, I determined a set of core features that would enhance the viewability, distribution and monetization of multimedia content.

Portable Storefront

Launched in 2014, Subscription and Pay Per Story is a seamless transactional model allowing for in-player purchases of content. This allows a user to purchase content on any embed without having to leave the page. Content producers can also offer merchandise from third-party retailers like Amazon or iTunes.

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