National Geographic is perhaps best known for its excellence in photography. At the core of its mission, National Geographic uses multimedia content to promote scientific and historical conservation, exploration and education. Our own mission was to think about how design and technology can better serve NG’s great photography.

Role: UX Designer
Objective: How might we increase engagement with NG slideshows? 
Platform: Web

Fullscreen Experience

The Photo Gallery template puts photography first by removing clutter and emphasizing large images in a fullscreen format that works across all devices. We recognized how users like to stay within this view and included an “Up Next” screen to encourage gallery diving and increase time spent on site.

The Landing Page

Photo Gallery landing pages are treated like articles so that users can seamlessly travel from story to gallery while clicking through the queue of content. This entry point into the gallery also provides a platform for robust content offerings on the page including embedded links, related content panels and promos. Editors have the real-estate to give context for the gallery without having to sacrifice in favor of photography.

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